A documentary by Barbara Zemljič premiered in June 2009 at Kinodvor in Ljubljana.


behind the scenes & the crew

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future planet, on the set


about the movie

2009, 52", digitalna beta


The nature's warning is clear: time is running out, and we need to reconsider our way of behaving toward the environment. How do the global changes affect our little state of Slovenia?

An engaging look at the current environmental issues, 'Future Planet' presents exceptional Slovenian individuals - scientists, thinkers, artists - who, through their innovative and visionary work, have adopted a nature friendly lifestyle.

the team

Directed by: Barbara Zemljič

Written by: Romana Zajec

Director of Photography: Aljoša Korenčan

Asistent Director/Line Producer: Urška Samec

Editor: Gorazd Kernel

Grafics Designer: Erik Kapfer

Colour Grader: Nika Autor

Sound Designer: Boštjan Kačičnik

Journalist: Saša Petejan

Executive Producer: Klemen Dvornik

Produced by: Miroslav Mandić

Produced by: Filmostovje, Filmservis, Umanotera



Filmservis d.o.o.